Degree Programs

Claremont School of Theology

Claremont School of Theology offers graduate degrees that focus on ministerial and theological education in the Christian tradition. The degrees are suited for students seeking formation and education as ministers, lay leaders, educators, counselors, activists, and scholars in primarily Christian contexts.

Master of Divinity (72 units/3 years)

The Master of Divinity program is designed to prepare people for ministry in many possible settings. It is the degree required for ordination in most Protestant denominations. The Claremont M.Div. is a 72-unit degree that combines academic excellence with spiritual formation and social engagement, in the context of an interreligious and culturally diverse academic community. The program presupposes that in order to serve and lead responsibly, men and women need intimate knowledge of their own traditions, appreciation of other forms of spiritual practice and insight, deep engagement with today’s social and political realities, and strong dialogical and critical thinking skills.

Master of Divinity – Ministerial Leadership Track, On Campus Program

Master of Divinity – Ministerial Leadership Track Hybrid Program

Interfaith Chaplaincy Track

Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership and Service

The M.A. in Ministry, Leadership, and Service is a 48-unit professional degree program designed to prepare students for leadership in a variety of contexts. It is intended for people seeking ordination in Christian denominations that do not require the Master of Divinity degree, for those beginning their formal theological education after ordination or substantial ministry experience, or for laity who want to enhance their service and leadership. The program combines academic excellence with spiritual formation and ministry engagement, in the context of an interreligious and culturally diverse academic community.

On-Campus Program

Hybrid Program

Master of Arts (Religion)

The Master of Arts (M.A.) is a 48-¬unit degree that combines academic excellence and opportunities for vocational exploration with the goal of preparing students for further graduate study, various forms of religious leadership and ministry, and for general education and enrichment. Students must complete a summative exercise at the end of their program that takes the form of a master’s thesis, a major paper, or a paper/project. Concentrations are available in theological studies (breadth of knowledge), a single theological discipline, or interdisciplinary/comparative studies.

Options in the Master of Arts Program

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

  • Mentoring Doctor of Ministry
  • Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology in of Healing, Reconciliation and Transformation in Korean Contexts (in Korean language)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Ph.D. in Practical Theology

    • Student Advising Guide
    • Education and Formation

    • Spiritual Care and Counseling

  • Ph.D. in Religion

    • Comparative Theology and Philosophy
    • Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies
    • New Testament and Christian Origins
    • Process Studies
    • Religion, Ethics and Society