About the Position

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees has carefully crafted the following Position Description in light of the needs and expectations of the institution in the coming years.

Position Description

Claremont School of Theology (CST) seeks an individual who will lead a strong faculty and staff at this graduate seminary that is United Methodist in tradition, ecumenical in character. The selected candidate will have a vision of theological education in the 21st century and a desire to implement and build upon a newly formulated mission for the School that is Christian in a multi-faith context and embraces emerging new elements, including online education and praxis models of learning. S/he will be capable of being an advocate on behalf of CST. The preferred candidate also will be an experienced collaborator, able to make contributions to and lead CST in its membership in a new multi-religious consortium of partner institutions constituted as Claremont Lincoln University. The President will be an experienced fundraiser capable of overseeing development campaigns, including a currently planned campaign for campus rehabilitation and expansion. S/he will report to and work closely with the CST Board of Trustees and serve as Chief Executive Officer of the institution with all incumbent responsibilities.

Institutional Description

Claremont School of Theology is set in one of the most culturally, racially, and religiously diverse parts of the world. Founded in 1885, CST has a long tradition of academic excellence and creativity. The School embraces diversity and strives to work effectively with multiple constituencies. It has a strong commitment to collaborating effectively with non-Christian faith traditions such as Islam, Judaism, Jainism and others, to work towards understanding, respect, reconciliation and peace.

Primary Responsibilities of President

Institutional Leadership

  • Provides leadership for a multi-denominational campus community comprised of faculty, staff, alumni, friends and representatives of partner denominations.
  • Works with others to establish and promote institutional vision; articulates and promulgates it internally and externally through meetings, presentations and writings.
  • Assumes overall responsibility for all aspects of CST operations and programs; leads and guides an executive team, all of whom serve at the will of the President, and is currently comprised of Senior Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and for Administration & Finance; Vice Presidents for Advancement and for Business Affairs/CFO; University Librarian; Assistant Vice President for Institutional Relations; Chief of Staff; and the Accreditation Liaison Officer, the last of whom works closely with the School’s regional and subject-specific accrediting organizations, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Theological Schools; provides intellectual leadership of the School’s 10-year re-accreditation process.
  • Works closely with the Board of Trustees and ensures the Board is informed of all relevant school business through quarterly reports; establishes agendas for the Board of Trustees quarterly meetings and consults with Trustees on Trustee committee assignments.
  • Demonstrates commitment to and ensures transparency in all financial and institutional matters; reviews annual financial reports and audit results.


  • Serves as public emissary of the institution, articulating the School’s mission, its participation in a multireligious consortium, its commitment to inclusion and dialogue.
  • Represents the School in various bodies of The United Methodist Church and at district and jurisdictional meetings, annual and general conferences, and to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry; participates with other United Methodist seminary leaders in the Association of United Methodist Theological Schools.
  • Serves as public statesman/woman, representing the School to a broad number of external constituencies through meetings, speaking engagements, and participation in conferences and leadership meetings.
  • Demonstrates, as chief representative of the School, consistent integrity in personal relationships, commitment to the theological enterprise, and a capacity to implement institutional purpose and plans.
  • Informs him/herself about and supports the work of local congregations, sustains an interest in religious life, and provides support for the faith stance and witness of the leadership of the School.
  • Promotes church relations with local congregations and affiliated institutions, including but not limited to the Disciples Seminary Foundation and the Episcopal Theological Seminary at Claremont.


  • Collaborates effectively and creatively according to the Memorandum of Understanding among partner institutions in the Claremont Lincoln University consortium, currently including CST, the Academy for Jewish Religion-CA and Bayan Claremont.
  • In concert with consortium partners, develops new full or associate partnerships for the consortium with other non-Abrahamic faith traditions
  • Maintains collegial affiliations with the Claremont University Consortium (CUC) for the promotion of mutually advantageous benefits to both institutions.


  • Serves as leader for major fundraising on behalf of the institution, working closely with professional Advancement personnel.
  • Works closely with a Trustee Master Planning Task Force to establish a building program and capital campaign to raise funds for renovation of and new construction for a beautiful but aging 16-acre campus in Claremont, California
  • Collaborates with Claremont Lincoln consortium to support fundraising for Claremont Lincoln University’s operations and endowments.



  • Demonstrated experience in academic administration and institutional management
  • Demonstrated ability and comfort in running the business and academic activity of a seminary or similar institution
  • Understanding of theological education historically and in the 21st century
  • Demonstrable experience in and record of successful fundraising and institutional development
  • A history of creative problem solving and conflict resolution
  • A collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit


  • Ph.D. or other equivalent advanced degree
  • United Methodist affiliation
  • Evidence of prior commitment to a local congregation

This is a full-time salaried position with full benefits. Compensation is competitive with major theological seminaries and is negotiable. Claremont School of Theology is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, committed to diversity. The School encourages women and people of color to apply.