Refund Policy

Students who withdraw or fail to complete the period of enrollment may receive a refund. Any student withdrawing from the School for medical reasons is required to submit a written statement from his or her medical doctor when requesting a refund. If the student received any federal funds, the Financial Aid Office will determine the refund based on the number of days/weeks remaining in the semester and the student’s withdrawal date and/or last day of attendance.

A student receiving federal aid who is attending the School for the first time and leaves the School on or before the 60 percent point in the enrollment period for which s/he has been charged will be subject to a Statutory Pro Rata Refund. A student remains eligible for the Statutory Pro Rata Refund until the student withdraws, drops out, takes a leave of absence, is expelled after attending at least one class, or completes the enrollment period.

All other students who do not meet the requirements for the Statutory Pro Rata Refund will be subject to either Claremont School of Theology’s institutional refund policy or the requirements of the Federal Refund Calculation, whichever policy allows for the larger refund.

Claremont School of Theology Refund Policy

Tuition refunds for students dropping or withdrawing from classes during the semester are made according to the following schedule:

  • First and Second weeks: 100 percent refund
  • Third and Fourth weeks: 50 percent refund

No refund will be given if a student drops or withdraws from classes after the fourth week of class in a given semester. Refunds requested for medical reasons must be supported by a statement from the attending physician. Refunds for students receiving financial aid may vary from the School’s policy depending upon current federal regulations. A refund schedule listing amounts and cutoff dates is available from the Business Office. These rules also apply when a tuition-deferred payment plan has been signed. Generally, fees are not refundable and any financial aid is prorated in accordance with the refund schedule.

Tuition Refunds for students dropping classes during the January Interterm or Summer Session are made according to the following schedule:

  • 100% Refund - By the First Class Meeting less $50 deposit
  • 75% Refund - By the Second Class Meeting less $50 deposit
  • No Refund - After the Second Class Meeting

Federal Refund Calculation

For first-time students receiving federal aid in the first semester, the School will refund 100 percent of tuition charges if the student withdraws within the first two weeks of classes, and at least 50 percent of tuition charges if the student withdraws between the second and fourth week of the enrollment period.