Professional Development

Boston College - Job Strategies – a step by step guide leading students to find internships and job listings, job search engines and international jobs. - Useful interview skills and information/ video clips as well as other resources. - Along with a completely free dossier service, you will learn about the latest jobs, gain access to exclusive content, make connections, and get specialized career advice just for academics and administrators.

Columbia University - provides a long list of different sectors and ways to be involved in social justice. Useful links to job search and listing sites. Detailed descriptions for each sector and ‘headliners’ in the field.

Columbia University - provides government, law and public policy resources.

Diversity Central - Cultural Diversity at Work. Resources for cultural diversity at work.

JOBipedia - provides HR professionals at large companies answers to job seekers’ questions about applications, interviews, and more. - Here you can view more than 600 career articles helping you to find a job, manage your career, learn how to write a CV, find out about working abroad, conduct a salary comparison, get interview tips and much more. You can also upload your CV and sign up to receive Jobs by email to help you in your search for a new job.

Institute for Global Ethics - Promotes ethical action in a global context by exploring the global common ground of values, elevate awareness of ethics, providing practical tools for making ethical decisions, and encouraging moral actions based on those decisions. La Verne University Career Services - Career resources advice, job search advice, assessments, resume/cover letter reviews).

Mind Tools - It offers a variety of resources, from leadership and career skills to stress management.

Minority Access - Minority Access assists individuals, academic institutions, federal, state and local government agencies, and corporations of all kinds to diversify their campuses and workplaces by providing all kind of resources, including internships, jobs and career fairs announcements among others.

Multicultural Advantage - Diversity in the workplace, benefits, challenges and careers.

Tufts University - Web resources including videos of interviews and other tips.

Yale College - Recommendation letters, career assessment tools and other resources.