Weekend of Compassion & Prayer Videos

Professors Bidwell & Clayton Discuss Love, Hope & Compassion for Migrant Children & Faith Communities

As part of CST's contribution to the Interfaith Weekend of Compassion and Prayer for Unaccompanied Migrant Children, Rev. Dr. Duane Bidwell, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Spiritual Care, and Counseling, and Dr. Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor of Theology delve into the ways in which the practice of love and compassion for unaccompanied migrant children invites into the very nature of God.

What does it mean that #theyarechildren?

Grace and Vulnerability

Migrant Children as Sojourners

Ruth as Example of the Sojourner

5 Themes of Hope Among Children

5 Themes of Hope Among Children

Hope Lies in the Present

Making Theology Concrete Through Love

A Wesleyan Call to the Love of God

A Call to Embodied Love