The 12th Annual Whitehead International Film Festival

January 18, 2013 - January 21, 2013
CST Campus, Mudd Theater

The Whitehead International Film Festival is based on Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy – a worldview that focuses on the radically interdependent nature of all that exists. Given this interdependence, we are each responsible for contributing as much as we can toward the common good. Intercultural appreciation and understanding is a component of the common good that can be fostered by viewing and discussing excellent films produced around the world.

Parking is free during the film festival and spaces are available in the front and back of MUDD Theater. There is also additional parking throughout the CST campus. We do not recommend parking in the covered parking areas as they are locked up each evening.

There are a few parking spaces for the disabled, located on the lower level, outside the Center for Process Studies and Process & Faith offices (just below MUDD Theater). A ramp for those who are unable to go up and down stairs is located on the back side (north side) of the theater which will lead you to the main lobby. MUDD Theater is not equipped with an elevator.