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Monday, May 7, 2012 at 10:03AM

Our faculty’s latest new books, special events, awards, and accolades.

2012 Faculty Fisher Awards: The students have voted, and this year’s honors go to the following professors. For Faculty Teacher Excellence: Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook; for Faculty Mentor Excellence: Frank Rogers, Jr.; and for Adjunct Teacher Excellence: Rosemary Radford Ruether.

2012 Faculty Fisher Awards
Photo by: Jonathan Oskins

Rich Amesbury has had an article entitled "Religious Philosophy after 'Religion'?" accepted for publication in the journal Sophia. Also, his book Faith and Human Rights (Fortress Press, 2008, co-authored with George M. Newlands), will soon have a Chinese language edition published in Hong Kong.

Duane Bidwell has accepted an invitation to become an Associate of the Taos Institute, a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes by which we construct reason, knowledge, and human value. It's an honor akin to being tenured by the international community of social constructionist thinkers and practitioners.

Philip Clayton spoke to 2,000 people on Science and Religion: Beyond the Impasse, for Portland’s annual Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture at Schnitzer Concert Hall. His Op-Ed piece in the Los Angeles Times, entitled “Letting Doubters in the Door,” received so much attention (more than 5,000 letters to the editor, shares, recommends, tweets, comments), that the Times asked him to reply to the most common responses, which he did in Why don’t we allow religion to evolve?

Monica Coleman has a new book out, entitled “Not Alone: Reflections on Faith and Depression (Inner Prizes, 2012). It’s a 40-day devotional to guide the reader to faith through personal exploration and experiences of strength, hope, love and spirit. She also has an article in the Practical Matters journal entitled “The Womb Circle.”

Jack Coogan gave the introductions to two Robert Flaherty films shown in Fremont’s Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum recently. The event was covered in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Andrew Dreitcer presented “Christian Contemplative Practices as Examples of Relationship-Based Compassion Formation” as a part of a panel for the Mind & Life Institute’s International Symposia for Contemplative Studies, which was co-sponsored by the Center for Engaged Compassion. His presentation slides and notes are available on the Center’s website. PhD student Bhikshuni Lozang Trinlae also presented a poster at the conference.

Roland Farber has a new book out which he edited, entitled Butler on Whitehead: On the Occasion (Lexington, 2012).

Lincoln Galloway (pictured with President Jerry Campbell and Evelyn Edwards) was recently appointed as the K. Morgan Edwards Chair in Preaching. His appointment was celebrated by the Edwards family and their friends at a special luncheon. Four generations of the Edwards family came together to enjoy the festive occasion.

Kathleen Greider has a chapter on “Christian Centrism” in The Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology, Ed. Bonnie Miller-McLemore (Wiley/Blackwell, 2012). She also has a German article entitled (in English) “Openness to Religious Pluralism: Foundations for Pastoral Theology and Spiritual Care” in Nachdenkliche Seelsorge, zum 65.

Jack Jackson taught a special class for M.Div. students which culminated in attendance to the UMC General Conference, where the students saw the top level of leadership in the UMC in action. “They observed the conversation (and sometimes tension) as representatives from all over the world discussed how the UMC can most effectively be in ministry today,” says Jackson. “They were able to meet with students from other UM seminaries and create connections that will last a life time.” Jackson also has an article in the current Wesleyan Theological Journal entitled “Decoupling Evangelism and Coercion: Early Methodism for Twenty-First Century Mission."

Grace Yia-Hei Kao presented at the AAR, along with graduate students she has mentored for panels on "Thinking Animals, Rethinking Race, Ethnicity, and Religion," and “Asian North American ‘Conservative Christian Communities, Masculinities, and Gender Issues.” She also participated in a KPCC Multi-American blog discussion on stereotypes.

Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook and President Jerry Campbell were recently inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr. Collegium of Scholars at Morehouse College. They were honored for their contributions to the development of Dr. King’s “Beloved Community.” Pres. Campbell wrote about the occasion on the 20th anniversary of the L.A. Uprisings in Huffington Post.

Dennis MacDonald is in Korea to lecture on New Testament theology at the Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary, Ewha Womans University, and Torch Trinity Graduate University.

Carleen Mandolfo (pictured, center in chair) just finished teaching the first course, “Hebrew Bible and Justice” in Rockhill Institute’s inaugural certificate program. Rockhill Institute is a program of Claremont Lincoln University in partnership with Rockhill Farm, an innovative residential re-entry program near Bakersfield. “It was a remarkable group of students,” she says, “with whom I was honored to learn.”

Frank Rogers had an article entitled “Compassion-Based Practices of Personal and Social Restoration,” appear in Practical Matters journal. He also gave a presentation on “An Ignatian Contribution to Contemplative Practice” for a conference on “Meditation and Contemplation as Seeds of Peace,” for a Parliament of the World’s Religions conference in Santa Monica. He gave the keynote address on “Nurturing the Spirit: A Christian Perspective” for an interfaith dinner at USC’s Town and Gown Hall, sponsored by the Hassan Hathout Legacy Foundation.

Santiago Slabodsky will teach a course entitled “Jewish Inter-textual Insights for a Muslim Decolonialism” at the University of Granada in Spain this June and will also give lectures at the Universities of Barcelona and Madrid.

Helene Slessarev-Jamir was a member of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, which planned the recent public forum marking the 20th anniversary of the LA riots in 1992, co-sponsored by Claremont Lincoln University.

Marvin A. Sweeney’s article on "Genesis in the Context of Jewish Thought" is in The Book of Genesis: Composition, Reception, and Interpretation (ed., C. A. Evans et al; Brill, 2012). He also has articles on Brimstone and Call Stories in the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, Volume 4 (ed., H.-J. Klauck et al; Walter de Gruyter, 2012). He will give the keynote lecture, "Seventh Century Judean Historiography," at the Seventh Century Writing Conference at Brigham Young University this August.

Najeeba Syeed-Miller will receive Guilford College's Young Alumni Achievement Award this year. She was also selected to participate in Advancing the Common Good At Home and Abroad, at the White House Briefing for Religion Scholars.

She’s giving a number of presentations and lectures in May, including co-teaching a course at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College with Edward Curtis, Homayria Ziad and others on Muslim-Jewish engagement. She will deliver the UC San Bernardino annual Morrow-McComb Lecture on topic of "Religious Education in the 21st Century," and be a Panelist at Boston University School of Theology for a Consultation on The Formation of Interfaith Just Peacemakers. She will be teaching in the Luce-funded Theologies of Pluralism summer course for the AAR, Atlanta.

Her Center for Global Peacebuilding recently hosted roundtables on “The Intersections of Secular Humanism and the Interfaith Movement,” with Harvard’s Chris Stedman, and “Interreligious Education and Higher Education,” with Hartford’s David Roosen.

She is the respondent for upcoming Practical Matters articles written by Altalia Omer and Scott Appleby on religion and violence, and has a chapter entitled "The Fiqh of Facebook: Muslim Women's Cyberjihad for Justice," in the soon-to-come-out book entitled, Formation for Life: Just Peacemaking and 21st Century Discipleship, edited by Glen Stassen.

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