Clayton on “The Rise of the Nones”

Monday, March 26, 2012 at 10:33AM

Clayton on “The Rise of the Nones” Dean Philip Clayton tackles the issue of "The Rise of the Nones" in a Los Angeles Times column.

How should the Church respond to “The Rise of the Nones?" Dean Philip Clayton tackles the issue in a recent Los Angeles Times column entitled Letting doubters in the door.

Because the column received more than 3,650 comments, shares and tweets, Dean Clayton also responded to some of the comments at the request of the Times in Why don’t we allow religion to evolve?

It’s another part of the ongoing conversation at CST regarding emerging best practices in ministry for the 21st century that focuses on the changing face of U.S. religion today as both a challenge and an opportunity.

What is the future of the Church in America? What styles of ministry and Christian leadership are most effective in this new context?

These are the kinds of issues we are addressing in the classroom, in student papers and faculty columns and books, and at events like Phyllis Tickle’s recent keynote on Emerging Christianity, and the Brian McLaren-Grant Hagiya-Jane Voigts panel on Where is the Church Going?

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