'Theology After Google' Conference

Monday, March 15, 2010 at 11:47AM

The L.A. Times reported on the 'Theology After Google' Conference hosted by Claremont School of Theology that featured lectures by Prof. Philip Clayton and other Christian leader. The event analyzed the future of American Christianity and how technology must be embraced in order to survive.

Jon Irvine, a 30-year-old Web designer who works with the "emerging church" movement, said the church of the future will have to be less hierarchical and more freewheeling and ecumenical. Using the familiar formula for tracking software changes, he said: "Church 1.0 . . . was always about a big council of big brains getting together and telling you, 'Here, we've gone into a room and we've decreed that you need to believe.' Church 2.0 is more bottom-up. Every man is capable of learning and providing feedback. Church 1.0 is all about creeds and doctrines, whereas Church 2.0 is kind of like a wiki-theology."

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