Library Rooms and Reservations

Library Room Descriptions

Several rooms in the CST Library are set aside for non-instructional academic use. Please note that all rooms are only accessible when the library is open. See the library's schedule here. In the interest of keeping these rooms clean, please avoid eating or drinking in them, except for water from a closed container.

See the following descriptions of each room and choose the one that best suits your purpose:

  • Ancient Biblical Manuscripts Center (ABMC). This large area on the main floor is currently unavailable to students. It can only be reserved for special, ABMC-sponsored or library staff events.

  • Moore Multicultural Center. This large space on the second floor is a flex-use study and meeting space with lots of chairs and tables. It includes a room with doors that can be closed during group meetings. This room does not require a reservation and can be used by anyone.

  • Small Seminar Room. This small room (seating up to eight people) on the second floor can only be used by CST/Bayan students, staff, and faculty who have made a reservation. It also has a large screen tv and wireless blu-ray/DVD player with subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime for watching videos of academic interest.

  • Trever Room. This mid-sized room (seating up to fifteen people) can only be used by CST/Bayan students, staff, and faculty who have made a reservation. Ideal for meetings, the room is decorated with artifacts related to John Trever and the Dead Sea Scrolls. It also has a nice view of the quad.

Library Room Reservations

  • To request a reservation more than 24 hours in advance, email from your CST email address. Please include in the email a brief explanation of the academic nature and purpose of the event.

  • For reservations less than 24 hours in advance, see someone at the Circulation or Reference desk.

Please note that, with certain exceptions, students can only reserve the Small Seminar Room or Trever Room for a maximum of four hours per week.

If you would like to see what times the Small Seminar Room or Trever Room are already reserved, click on the following links: