Fine & Replacement Policy

28-Day Books

Books with 28-day loan periods are automatically billed at $65 when those books are more than 30 days overdue. This billing includes: (1) a $10 fine; (2) a $15 processing fee; and (3) a $40 replacement charge (subject to adjustment).

Reserve Books and Items

Daily fines are assessed for overdue reserve books and items as follows:

  • 2- and 4-hour reserves: 25¢ per hour or any part of an hour
  • All other reserves: 50¢ per day or any part of a day

When a reserve is 5 days overdue, a bill is sent that includes the replacement charge, fine, and processing fee.

Billing Adjustments for Books and Items

Replacement or lost book charges are initially billed at $65. However, adjustments may be made. The actual replacement cost of a book or item may be more or less than the automatic charge. Further, if a billed item is returned before it has been declared lost by the Library, the replacement charge and the processing fee are canceled. The fine is canceled if a book is reported lost before it becomes overdue.

Recalled Books

Fines for overdue recalled books accrue at $1 per day. Replacement charges for overdue recalls are billed 15 days after the recall due date.

Other Items

The fine for an overdue CD or DVD is $10 per day, and the replacement cost is $100 (minimum), plus a $15 processing fee. Overdue videos are fined at 50¢ per day. The video replacement cost is $60 (minimum), plus a $10 fine and a $15 processing fee. Replacement bills for CDs, DVDs and videos are sent at 2 weeks overdue. Other non-print items are fined at $1 per day, and replacement bills (including a $15 processing fee) are sent at 4 weeks overdue. Bills for non-print items are subject to adjustment.

Additional Policy Information

Borrowing Privileges and Holds - Library bills are due when received. An unpaid bill may result in blocked borrowing privileges (applies to all borrowers). A hold also may be placed against course registration, graduation or the transcript request of an affiliated borrower.

Due Dates and Renewals – Borrowers receive email renewal reminders prior to due dates of 28-day loan items. However, borrowers are responsible for tracking the due dates of all items they check out. Due dates can be verified and items renewed through the Blais catalog ( Select “Renew your books” in the green bar near the top of the page. This option allows full account access. Items with recalls or holds cannot be renewed.

Overdue Notices - Overdue notices are sent to borrowers on a regular basis. Patrons are responsible for notifying Library staff of changes in postal or email addresses. A fine or bill will not be excused if notices are undeliverable due to an invalid address.

Reserves - Fine charges for reserves begin 10 minutes after books or items are due.

Recalls – For books with a 28-day loan period, most recall notices allow 10 days for a borrower to receive the notice and return a book before incurring a fine. The recall period may be shorter if a book is needed for reserve. If a book is overdue when it is recalled, daily fines begin to accrue 3 days after the recall is sent. Other recall periods and fine assessments are in place for reserves and non-print items.

Missing or Lost Books and Items - Borrowers are encouraged to report Library material that has been checked out and may be missing or lost, including books or items they think have been returned (Claims Returned). Prompt reporting may eliminate a fine and will establish a search period before a replacement bill is due.

Processing Fee - When a Library book or item is declared lost, a multi-step process occurs that includes cost verification, billing, catalog correction, and replacement determination. Therefore, if a book or item is returned after the replacement process begins, the processing fee is not refunded or waived.

Questions - Please contact a member of the Circulation staff at Claremont School of Theology Library if you have questions about fines, replacement costs or borrowing policies. Staff can be contacted at or call the Circulation Librarian at (909) 447-2510.