Library Donation Policy

The Claremont School of Theology Library exists to support the missions of the Claremont School of Theology and of Claremont Lincoln University. The library gratefully accepts donations which benefit the library by supporting the missions of these two graduate schools.

Materials Accepted

  • The library accepts books and other materials which are appropriate to the library’s circulating, reference and special collections. The library also accepts other items with considerable market value on the understanding that those items may be liquidated with the resulting funds going to support the mission of the library.
  • The library does not accept periodicals or used electronics except when those materials are appropriate for the library’s special collections.
  • The library accepts cash donations and is happy to discuss the establishment of endowed collections for appropriately sized cash donations.

Conditions of Donations

  • All donations become the property of the library and are used in accordance with existing needs, priorities and policies. Not all donated materials will be added to the library collections. Retention, use and/or disposal of all donations is solely at the discretion of the library staff.
  • Donors may be eligible for a tax deduction for the value of the donated items, subject to current tax law. A gift acknowledgement receipt will be provided. The donations of large numbers of items, or the donations of highly valued items, should be accompanied by an itemized, certified appraisal, obtained at the donor's expense. The library staff cannot provide a valuation for the donated items.

Use of Donations

Donations are used in four ways.

  • First, donated materials may be added to the library’s existing collections when the library staff believes the materials will serve library users and the mission of the library well.
  • Second, the library may transfer custody of the items to another entity within CST or CLU. Such transfer is generally completed with no economic advantage to the library, but will be consistent with the missions of the CST and CLU. Such transfer is at the sole discretion of the library staff.
  • Third, donated items may be liquidated through used book sales and other appropriate venues. The resulting funds will go to support the mission of the library.
  • Fourth, donated items may be donated to other non-profit entities (e.g., other libraries or charities).

It is important for donors to understand that most donated books are sold through used book sales and most other non-cash donations are similarly liquidated.