Policy on Children in the Library

Claremont School of Theology Library provides resources and services for the academic study of religion and theology. Collections, resources, databases, computer systems, and services are tailored primarily for the use of graduate students, scholars, and professional staff. The Library is an adult, unsupervised environment which is largely unsuitable for children.


Ordinarily, children will not be permitted in the Claremont School of Theology Library. Exception: A parent may enter the Library with a child for brief transactions only (such as returning or checking out books, picking up interlibrary loans, paying fines, etc.), under these stipulations:

  • Parents must not keep children in the Library for extended periods of time.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be under the direct and appropriate supervision of a parent at all times, or an adult who has assumed responsibility for the child’s care. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use Library computers. (Exception to age requirement: a minor enrolled in a college program.)
  • If an attended child is acting inappropriately (disrupting others, playing with computers or other Library equipment, making noise, causing damage, or posing risks to self or to others), Library staff will ask the parent and child to leave the Library.
  • If an unattended child is found in the Library, Library staff will attempt to contact the parent. If an unattended child becomes ill or injured, Library staff will attempt to determine the parent’s name and contact information. If there is an emergency, Library staff will follow campus emergency response procedures.
  • Parents will be held responsible for any damage to Library equipment or furnishings caused by their children, and will be billed at market rates.
  • Repeated inappropriate behavior or repeated violation of this policy may result in the suspension of the parents’ Library and/or computing privileges.

Why does the Library have a Policy on Children?

The Library is open to the public, and this reality may place a child at serious risk from strangers.

Computer workstations and the wireless connection provide links to graduate-level research tools, with unfiltered Internet access. This may expose children to inappropriate content.

The building has been designed for the comfort and use of adults, and should not be considered “child-safe.” Library staff cannot prevent a child from becoming lost or injured.

Library staff cannot assume responsibility for children in the Library. The safety and security of children are the responsibilities of their parents and guardians.

If an unattended child becomes ill or injured in the Library, staff cannot administer or authorize medical treatment for the child.

If a child is found alone in the Library at closing time, and a parent or adult responsible for the child’s care cannot be located immediately, Library staff will contact the Claremont Police Department.