Finding Book Reviews

You may need to use several resources to find reviews of a specific book. Depending on the date of publication, these resources may be electronic databases or print indexes.

Why might I need to use several electronic databases?

  • A subject area database’s coverage of book reviews may be limited.
  • A book review database’s coverage of subject areas may be limited.
  • An academic book may not get many reviews, and a single database may not include journals that have published reviews of a specific book.

Why might I need to use print indexes?

  • You may want to find reviews of older books, published before the electronic databases begin their coverage.
    Tip: If you want a review of a recent reprint of an older work, you may need to include a search for reviews of the original publication.
  • Current and recent specialized print indexes may include reviews that you cannot find in the available electronic databases.
  • This is a good opportunity to use print resources if you prefer them.

Necessary Data; Or, What You Need to Know Before You Begin:

  • Author
  • Title
  • General subject area (Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry, History, etc.)
  • Imprint (place of publication, publisher, date of publication, and, for a reprint, date of original publication)

Selected Electronic Resources (citations and/or full text)
Tip: Where possible, limit publication type to “Review.” This may require “Advanced Search.”

Some Print Resources in the CST Library (citations only, unless noted)

  • Critical Review of Books in Religion (review essays) - Ref. BL1 .C74 1988-1998
  • International Index to Periodicals - Social Sciences & Humanities Index - Ref. AI3 .R49 1907-73
  • Index to Jewish Periodicals - Ref. Z6367 .I5 1963
  • Catholic Periodical & Literature Index - Ref. AI3 .C3 1930
  • Book Reviews of the Month (full-text) - Ref. Z7753 .B6 v. 1-20 (1962/63-1984)