Blais Catalog - Status Codes

How to Find and Request What You Need

Entries in the Blais Library Catalog include a box display that shows LOCATION, CALL NO., and STATUS. An example of this display is shown below, followed by explanations of status codes used by Claremont School of Theology Library.


Claremont School of Theology
BS 1192.5 T43 2005

Status Codes:

NOT CHECKD OUT The item should be available in the open stacks or in a designated location at the Library. If it cannot be found, submit a search request at Circulation.
RECENTLY RETURNED The item has been returned within the last 24 hours and is in the process of being reshelved. Ask at Circulation
IN PROCESS The item is not ready for use. A hold slip can be filled out at Circulation. When a hold is placed, the item usually will be available within three working days.
DUE [with a date] The item is checked out. The date following DUE indicates when the item should be returned or renewed. A hold can be requested.
ON HOLD SHELF or RECALL The item was requested and has been recalled, or it has been returned and is on the hold shelf ready for pickup. More than one hold can be attached to an item. Any item can be recalled after it has been checked out for at least two weeks; items with holds cannot be renewed. If a returned item has more than one hold, it is made available on a first hold basis.
MISSING The item cannot be located. Ask at Reference about Interlibrary Loan or for assistance locating the item at another library.
LIB USE ONLY The item does not circulate and is available for use only in the Library.
PAID or BILLED The item has been lost or damaged. Patrons can contact Reference to determine if a replacement will be ordered, and to ask about Interlibrary Loan.
MENDING or BINDING The item is being mended at the Library or has been sent out to be rebound. A hold can be placed at Circulation. An item sent to MENDING will usually be ready for checkout in three working days. If an item status shows BINDING, it may not be available for four or more weeks.
ON ORDER A hold can be placed on an item listed as ON ORDER. However, patrons should be aware that the publication date of an item may be delayed, and an item may go out of stock or out of print after an order is entered.
ASK AT CST This status code is used for affiliated libraries that do not have electronic check out. The ASK code directs patrons to Circulation or Reference for assistance to access items in those collections.
FULL TEXT ONLINE Electronic resources with this status code may be available only to students, faculty and staff of the Claremont Colleges. A message at the connection point will specify if access is limited.

Additional Location Codes in Blais:

Claremont School of Theology DISCIPLES Disciples Seminary Foundation
Claremont School of Theology CNTR PROC STUDIES Center for Process Studies
Claremont School of Theology ABMC Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center
IAC (Institute for Antiquity and Christianity) Ask at CST
HON Honnold/Mudd Library
DEN [collection] Denison Library (Scripps College)
Record Center CUC Records Center
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden RSABG Library

In addition to library location codes, Blais also may show codes for specific areas and special collections at academic libraries in Claremont. Items in some special collections must be retrieved by staff and may have use restrictions. Ask at the Circulation Desk or at Reference for help with Blais codes and item locations.