Accessing Library Electronic Reserves (ERes)

You may access CST ERes from any computer with an Internet connection.
Note: You will not need to log in to the ERes system, but you will need a password for the reserves page for your course (see no. 5 below).

  1. Type this URL in the Web browser’s address box: OR click on the ERes link in the Library Research Tools box on the Claremont School of Theology Library’s homepage ("E-RES Electronic Reserves").
  2. Click on “Electronic Reserves and Reserve Pages.”
  3. Look for the course by number, instructor, etc. and click the box.
  4. Click on the course number link to the course reserves page.
  5. Type in the password. [Your professor or T.A. will give you the password for your course in class.]
  6. Click the < Accept > box, acknowledging your intention to follow the Fair Use provisions of the U.S. copyright laws with regard to your use of the posted material.
  7. The course reserves page may contain documents in a variety of formats (Word, PDF, TIF, etc.). Most will be in PDF. To read materials in this format, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to your computer. The reader is available as a free download at
  8. Access a document posted to the course reserves page by clicking on the link(s) provided. Note that many documents have multiple parts. The document files list each file’s size and expected download times for dial-up and broadband access.
  9. This version of the Docutek ERes system has a very good online manual, available to you by clicking the HELP button at top right.