Visiting Scholars

The status of Visiting or Research Scholar may be granted to a limited number of qualified scholars to participate in the life of the School as Visiting Scholars. Such persons normally hold a doctorate degree as well as a faculty appointment in another academic institution. Visiting Scholar status may be granted for one semester or up to a full year. Visiting Scholars have access to the library, the courses of instruction, and other academic resources of the School without the payment of fees. The Dean may invite Visiting Scholars to participate in the life of the faculty where appropriate. A person seeking to be named a Visiting Scholar shall make application in writing to the Dean indicating dates of residence and plans for research/study. The application should include a copy of the person’s curriculum vitae. The Dean may grant Visiting Scholar status to qualified applicants. In exceptional cases, the Dean may consult with the faculty in the field and seek approval of the Faculty Policy Committee.

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