Getting to Claremont

This information is provided courtesy of International Place of the Claremont Colleges


Useful information Ontario and Los Angeles International Airports is at

Ontario International Airport (ONT)

See the Ground Transportation link at This is closest major airport and is about 20 minutes from the Claremont School of Theology. From I-10, San Bernardino freeway, exit at Archibald Avenue, go south on Archibald which leads directly to the main entrance of the airport. From 60, Pomona freeway, exit at Haven Avenue, go north on Haven to Airport Drive, turn left and continue to Archibald.

Airline Coach

Omnitrans Transit Company

Take line #110 from Montclair Transit Center

Super Shuttle

(909) 467-9600

The Yellow Cab Company

(909) 622-1313
Call one day ahead to make a reservation

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

See the Ground Transportation link at

LAX FlyAway


Metropolitan Transit Authority


Prime Time Shuttle


Super Shuttle

(909) 467-9600 or 1-800-258-3826


Automobiles are expensive to own and maintain, and the required insurance costs are high. If you decide to buy your own car, please read this section and take note of the driving and vehicle requirements you need to fulfill.

Driver's License / Valid Identification Card

Information regarding the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can be accessed online at The California Driver Handbook can be found under “Publications.” The DMV handbook is also available at I-Place.

For Students

If you are not a resident of the U.S. (you are on visa and paying non-resident tuition), and have a valid license from your home country, you may drive in this state. However, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a California license if you expect to drive or purchase a car. Also, be prepared to obtain the required automobile insurance if you buy a car. A driver's license or a valid identification card, which is also available at the DMV, is a useful form of identification for writing checks.

To obtain a California Driver's License, you may go directly to the DMV office, but making an appointment online at or calling for an appointment to take the written test will save you time. You will need your passport with your valid I-94 (you received this when you entered the country), your I-20, your school ID card to take the road test. Please note it is not required to have a social security number to obtain a California driver’s license. The application fee is $26. Before you take the test, you should study the "California Driver's Handbook" carefully. It paraphrases the vehicle code and explains the rules of the road. DMV Handbooks are available at International Place or online at the DMV web site If you study this, you should be able to pass the written examination. The test is also offered in languages other than English by special appointment. Once you pass the written exam, you will obtain a driver's permit that is valid for one year. You must take the road test, the actual driving test, within one year. An examiner will accompany you on a driving test, so you should be familiar with the car you are driving when you go to be tested. You must show proof that the car is properly registered and insured at the time of the test. You may borrow a car from a friend or sign up with one of the following driving schools. For a fee you may rent a car for the test. After you pass the test, you’ll receive a temporary license valid until your license arrives by mail within one to three months.

Note About the "International Driver's License"

An "international driver's license" is a translation of information contained on your home country driver's license. It only verifies that you hold a valid license in your home country. It is your foreign driver's license that allows you to drive in the United States. If you drive in the U.S. before you obtain a California driver's license (or one from another U.S. state) you must be prepared to show your home country driver's license as well as the international driver’s license.

For Spouses

To obtain a driver's license, the spouses of international students (F-2 status and sometimes J-2 status, if he or she does not have a job) will have to go to DMV first and take the written test and then get an appointment to take the driving test. Please see International Place staff if you have any questions.

Both the written examination and the driving test are given at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at the following locations:

Pomona DMV
1600 S. Garey Ave., Pomona

Rancho Cucamonga DMV
8678 Archibald Ave., Rancho Cucamonga

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday, 9 AM – 5 PM
Open the third Saturday of each month 8AM-12 PM. The offices are closed the Monday before Saturday service.

Driving Schools

If you think you need to take some lessons before applying for your driver's license, see You can also contact:

California Driving School
(909) 622-6557

Imperial Driving School
(909) 982-9485

*These driving schools can pick you up for the driving lessons. Rates may change at any time.

Auto Insurance

It is illegal to drive without liability insurance in the state of California. Unless you have had a license and have driven in the U.S. or Canada for 1 1/2 years, you will most likely have to purchase an assigned risk automobile insurance policy which is underwritten by the state of California. Minimum liability insurance on such a policy costs about $800/yr. If you do not have at least the minimum liability insurance, and you have an accident, you may lose your license for up to 4 years.

Full coverage can cost about $1900/yr. It is a good idea also to have uninsured motorist insurance on your policy, which will cover you if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver. This adds between $150-$325/yr. to the cost of the insurance. You should also know that if you choose to be insured for the property damage caused by an uninsured motorist, you will be covered for a maximum of $5000 in damage. For drivers insured by the assigned risk policy, it is not recommended to buy or lease expensive new cars.

Some Insurance agencies that can help you obtain assigned risk automobile insurance include:

Henderson Insurance Services
(909) 392-5535
2123 Third Street, La Verne

(909) 624-0033
4766 Holt Blvd., Montclair

Geneva Insurance Agency
(909) 590.2461
12930 Central Avenue, Chino

Jetton Insurance Agency
(909) 624-5419 / (909) 626-5312
10288 Central Avenue, Montclair

John MacDonald – Jason Wolcott
(Agents; can work with international licenses

Progressive Insurance
3027 Petaluma Avenue, Long Beach, CA
(562) 420-6440

If you do have a three year driving record in the U.S. or Canada, you can obtain automobile insurance at better rates. Some agencies which write U.S. policies are:

1420 N. Claremont Blvd., Ste. 105B, Claremont
(909) 624-5014

State Farm
328 W. 2nd St., Claremont
(909) 626-4273

(909) 981-2961
1021 E. Foothill Blvd., Upland

You should also get a California driver's license before you purchase insurance because rates are 30% higher if you do not have one.

You must always carry proof of insurance with you. According to California Law, you must report a car accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles right away. You should never drive a car that is not covered by insurance. If you are caught, you will be fined $2,000 and can lose your license.

Drinking & Driving

Drinking alcoholic beverages under age 21 is illegal, and driving after drinking at any age is unsafe. Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater is considered a felony (it is illegal!) and can result in heavy fines and/or imprisonment. For more information, see California Driver Handbook.

WARNING: In the most serious cases, international students driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can be deported from the U.S.

Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA)

Becoming a member of the Automobile Club of Southern California, commonly known as AAA, is a very helpful resource for your automobile, home, and travel needs. AAA provides emergency road services which include towing, flat tire change, battery charge, emergency fuel delivery, locksmith service, minor emergency mechanical aid, excellent maps, recreation information and services, travel arrangements, insurance of auto, boat, home and travel, auto repair programs, automotive information center.

The nearest Sales Service Representative is at 1021 E. Foothill Blvd, Upland, Tel. 909.981.2961. The annual membership rate is $66 first year and $46 for subsequent years.

City of Claremont Regulations

Overnight parking on Claremont streets is illegal and will result in ticketing. Special permission for visitor cars can occasionally be obtained by calling the Claremont Police Station at 909.399.5415.

Rental Cars

You may rent a car if you have a driver’s license from your own country or an international driver's license, and if you also have a major credit card. Most major rental car companies require you to be over 21 or at least 25, but the following companies rent cars to people under 25. They will pick you up at your door and take you to the company where you will rent the car, and they will bring you back to your home when you return the car. The prices vary by company and depending on the size of the car, so call the companies to check the prices. Don't forget to make reservations in advance.

Alamo Rent – A – Car
(909) 937-3600 / 1-800-426-5266
3450 Airport Dr.,Ontario

(909) 324-7783
Sears Auto Center, 5080 E. Montclair Plaza Lane, Montclair

Budget Car and Truck Rental
1784 W. Foothill Blvd., Upland

(909) 624-5544
376 S. Indian Hill Blvd., Claremont

Public Transportation

We strongly recommend that you obtain all travel information (such as fares and schedules) before you take any of these forms of public transportation.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority web site, has links to most of its services. You can make use of the Metro Trip Planner for an exact route. Fares vary depending on where you are going.You can also obtain detailed local transit information and bus passes at the Claremont Transit Store, 207 Harvard (1st street and Harvard in the Claremont Village.)

You can use the TranStar Trip Planner or to get a transit itinerary for travel anywhere in Southern California. This includes all forms of public transportation as well as connecting service between lines.


Always carry plenty of coins with you because bus drivers do not make change.

Foothill Transit (FT)
(213) 626 - 4455 or 1-800-743-3463

Monthly bus passes are available at special student rates at the Claremont Transit Store. Transfers are free. To Montclair Plaza: Line #480/ #492 from the Claremont Transit Center on 1st Street

To Los Angeles: Silver Streak operates from Montclair to Los Angeles. One-way fare is $2.00. Operates every 15 minutes. Fastest way to Los Angeles.

To Los Angeles: Line 480; Closest bus stop is at the corner of 1st and College Avenue. The bus continues west on Wilshire to Western Avenue (Monday through Friday) but only to Wilshire and Union on Saturday and Sunday. Line 492 also runs to L.A. during peak hours.

To Pasadena: Board the Line 187 bus at one of its stops on Towne Avenue as it goes north. There is one stop near the corner of Towne and Harrison. The bus goes west on Foothill to Alosta Blvd. and Colorado Blvd. into the heart of Pasadena. Travel time is about an hour and a half. Line 187 is also the bus to take if you want to go to Citrus Community College (located between Glendora and Azusa). Line 690 - Express Service runs during peak hours from Claremont Inn to downtown Pasadena.

Metro Bus Lines
1-800-COMMUTE (266.6883)

The Metro System offers nearly 200 bus lines to take you wherever you want to go. An easy- to- understand numbering system helps to identify each line and can be found on their website.

Omnitrans Transit Company

Provides extensive service in the San Bernardino, Ontario, Upland, Chino, Redlands, Colton, Rialto and Montclair areas. Transfers are free of charge.

San Bernardino. To go to San Bernardino, you must first get to Montclair Plaza. Omnitrans provides service between Montclair Transit Center (across from Montclair Plaza) and San Bernardino via Ontario Mills. The buses leave the plaza and return from San Bernardino every hour. Call for information on schedules. Take line #110 to Ontario Mills (Cost $0.85), or downtown San Bernardino (Cost $1.35).

Greyhound Buses
888 S. Indian Hill Blvd. (South of the San Bernardino freeway) Claremont, CA
(909) 624-4564 or 1-800-231-222

In addition to their usual transportation service, students can use Greyhound to send large packages and bags.


Metrolink (San Bernardino Line)

Passengers must purchase a ticket prior to boarding on the same day of departure. Be ready to display ticket when requested by the conductor. The trains operate Monday through Saturday.

Trains run inbound to Los Angeles (Union Station) in the morning and outbound to Claremont in the evening. Tickets and ticket schedules can be obtained from the automated terminal at the Claremont Station located at 200 W. First St. Train schedules and information are also available from the Claremont Transit Store.


Red Line goes from Union Station west to Wilshire/Western Ave.

Blue Line is linked to the Red Line and continues south to the San Pedro Station.

Gold Line goes through Pasadena area to Sierra Madre Villa Station.

Green Line is linked to the Blue Line at Imperial/Wilmington and extends east to the 603 Freeway and west to Manhattan Beach. From the Aviation stop on the Green Line, you can get a free shuttle to any airline at LAX.

Amtrak Trains
2701 N. Garey Ave., Pomona

From Union Station in Los Angeles, trains go to San Diego and north to San Francisco. Trains to San Diego also leave from Fullerton.


Yellow Cab Company
(909) 622-1313

The Yellow Cab Company has 24 hour service but allow 15-25 minutes for pick-up. Up to 4 passengers can ride for the price of one.

Dial - A - Ride
(909) 623-0183

Pickup is until 6 PM only. This facility provides transportation to three main drop off points — Pomona Valley Hospital, Montclair Plaza and Montclair Transit Center and anywhere within the City of Claremont.

  • Charges for dial –a-ride services to the three major drop off outside Claremont - $2.00
  • Charges for dial-a-ride services to anywhere in Claremont - $1.25

Super Shuttle
(909) 467-9600 or 1-800-700-1983
Reservations available on-line at


Most places in Claremont can be reached by walking or riding a bicycle. If you wish to buy a used bicycle, check bulletin boards, newspapers, and other students who might be selling, or purchase a new bicycle from a local store.