Outside Scholarships

There are many scholarship opportunities available for students willing to do some research. We are often receiving information regarding private scholarships. Remember, every little bit helps in paying for college, and many scholarships are never applied for.

List of Outside Scholarships

Students who bring in "outside" scholarships will have the funds added to their award package; this may allow us to reduce their loans.

Students are cautioned about sending money to agencies claiming to help find scholarship resources. With a little effort, students can find the same resources for free.

Applying for outside scholarships

  1. Use any free time to search and apply for private scholarships.
  2. Inquire about scholarships within your community, church, and/or denominational affiliation.
  3. Do NOT pay to apply for scholarships. There are companies that scam students by charging fees to search for scholarships.
  4. If you need help writing an essay or need a recommendation letter, contact the Writing Center or talk with the Financial Aid Office.

Additional Internet Resources

Financial aid resources are available in local libraries and through the internet. Try the following internet sites: