COS 512 - Contemporary Theology

Instructor: Myron D. Wingfield

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Course Description

This course critically reflects on significant individuals, movements, events, and fundamental tenets of the Christian faith that have shaped contemporary theologies from the nineteenth century to the present. Through study of varied theological expressions in the modern and postmodern decades, the student enters into the church’s enduring task of interpreting, articulating, and enacting the gospel for contemporary life. Attention will be given to selected primary sources.

Learning Objectives

  1. Consideration of nineteenth-century theological issues that form the backdrop for twentieth-century developments
  2. Examination of the liberal-conservative split of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as ensuing neo-evangelical movements, orthodox theologies, and liberal developments
  3. Analysis of the Barthian/neo-Orthodox traditions
  4. Interpretation of theologies of history and eschatology (for example, Niebuhr, Pannenberg, and Moltmann)
  5. Reflection upon Black, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American liberation theologies, with due reference to ethnic, feminist/womanist/mujerista, and class expressions
  6. Exploration of other significant theological movements, such as feminist, ecumenical, contemporary Roman Catholic, post-Enlightenment, postmodern, evangelical, Eastern Orthodox, and process theologies
  7. Appreciation for contemporary African, Asian, and Latin American theologies

Required Textbooks

Inbody, Tyron. The Faith of the Christian Church: An Introduction to Theology. ISBN: 0-8028-4151-1

Mesle, C. R. Process Theology: a Basic Introduction. ISBN: 0-8272-2945-3

Baker-Fletcher, K. Sisters of Dust, Sisters of Spirit: Womanist Wordings on God and Creation ISBN: 0-8006-3077-7

Park, A. S. The Wounded Heart of God: The Asian Concept of Han and the Christian Doctrine of Sin. ISBN: 0-687-38536-9

This class requires homework to be turned in before the class starts:
Download class syllabus & pre-class assignments