COS 214 – Practice of Preaching

Instructor: Mark Trotter

Download class syllabus & pre-class assignments

Course Description

This course focuses on preaching the gospel from the Old and New Testaments.

Course Objectives

  1. Be able to articulate a theology of proclamation.
  2. Gain skill in interpreting a variety of lectionary passages for preaching.
  3. Evaluate sermons for biblical integrity, theological soundness, internal logic, and effective delivery.
  4. Appropriate insights gained from the evaluation of the sermons preached in class.
  5. Develop plans for preaching in light of one’s congregational and community context.

Required Textbooks

Fred B. Craddock – Preaching (Abingdon Press, 1990; [ISBN 9780687336487]

Brown Taylor, Barbara, Preaching Life. (Cowley Pub. January 1993 [ISBN 9781561010745]

This class requires homework to be turned in before the class starts:
Download class syllabus & pre-class assignments