Frequently Asked Questions

1.When will I register?
A.You will register after completion of in-person Orientation on August 25th, 2014

2.What courses do I need to take?
A.Here is the link to all programs: Degree Program Handbooks. Click on your program to see the handbook. In the handbook you will find a list of required courses.

3.Who can I talk to about my course schedule?
A.You can contact our Associate Dean, Belva Brown Jordan at 909-447-2527 or by email at She can help you with pre-advising.

4.When will I hear about on-campus housing assignments?
A.After the May 1st priority deadline, the housing department will begin reviewing applications. You can expect to hear from housing sometime early this summer. You can contact housing with questions.

5.When will I find out who my faculty advisor is?
A.Students will find out who their faculty advisor is at in-person Orientation on August 25th.

6.I’m looking for a roommate. What should I do?
A.Connect with your new classmates in the Facebook group to see if other people are looking too.

7.When should I arrive on campus?
A.You should arrive in Claremont in enough time to attend Orientation, which will be start at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, August 25th. If traveling from a distance, we’d recommend getting to Claremont no later than Sunday, August 24th.

8.What is the closest airport to CST?
A.Ontario International Airport. The airport code for Ontario is ONT. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Burbank Airport (BUR) are the next two closest airports to campus.

9.When will my first bill be due?
A.You should contact Haroon Ahmed in the business office (, 909-447-2561) to discuss your payment options and to find out when you should submit your first payment.

10.Are payment plans available?
A.Yes, contact the business office for details.

11.When will my Federal Direct Loans be disbursed?
A.Loan funds will be disbursed (sent) to the school 10 days after the add/drop date. Please refer to the 2014-2015 Academic Calendar for add/drop dates.

12.Do I need health insurance?
A.Yes, all international students and full time students (9 units or more) need health insurance.

13.Can I buy health insurance from the school?
A.Yes, CST does offer Health Insurance. Unless you submit a health insurance waiver proving that you already have health insurance, you will be automatically enrolled.