Office of Admission


The mandate to love God and neighbor is at the heart of the Gospel. At Claremont, students immerse themselves in Christian history, Scripture, worship and practice to explore how best to put that love to work in the world.

Whether you are called to ministry in the local church, in faith-based social justice work, or if you're seeking an opportunity for spiritual formation to deepen your commitment in another vocation, Claremont provides intellectually rigorous approaches to theological education, an education that accounts for the religious diversity of the 21st century.

Contact the Office of Admission to request information, or use the information below to reach one of our staff directly to talk about which options may be right for you.

Office of Admission

Murad Dibbini

Senior Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services

Meagan Wood

Assistant Director of Outreach and Recruitment

Kathy Ryan

Office Coordinator