Ozgur Koca

Assistant Prof. of Islamic Studies

Craig 107

Özgür Koca spent ten years of his life teaching physics, mathematics and astronomy in different countries. After years of quantitative research he decided to journey to new perspectives in the fields of philosophy and religion. His studies in these diverse fields allow him to draw on the resources of science, philosophy, and theology to develop a constructive Islamic theology that can address the burning ethical, spiritual, political, and religious issues Muslim societies face today.

His studies focus on Islamic Philosophy-Theology-Spirituality, Science and Religion Discussion, Environmental Ethics, Interreligious Discourse, and Contemporary Islamic Movements and Ideologies.


B.S. Physics--Marmara University
M.A. Philosophy--Fatih University
Ph.D. Religious Studies--Claremont Graduate University

Recent Publications / Achievements

Islamic Doctrines of Causality and Modern Science (L.L. Academic Publishing: 2013)

“Islamic Spirituality: Doctrines and Practices” in A Companion on the Journey: Providing Spiritual Guidance for People of Various Religious Traditions (Skylight Paths Publishing, 2014)

“Ibn Arabi’s Doctrine of Causality and Occasionalism”, in Occasionalism East and West (Forthcoming Book Chapter, 2015)

“From Process to God: A Muslim’s Critical Engagement with Charles Hartshorne” ISAM (Turkish Journal of Islamic Studies) 26 (2011), pp. 81-92

“The Prophet of Islam – Muhammad and Environmental Activism” Claremont Journal of Religion, Vol. 1, Issue 2, (January 2012), pp. 126-135